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"The music is not in the notes, but in the silence between." - Arthur Rubinstein, a Polish American classical pianist, regarded as The Chopin Poet

a Journey to Self.

wherever you travel in life, may you know greater ease; and through the enchantments of music and wonder, may you be ever curious to know the skies more deeply, and the oceans more deeply, and the spaces within more deeply—for in knowing the self, may you never again feel the separation between you and all that exists in the Universe

Slipping into Practice (the morning of).

27-Minute Body Scan.

Through the guided practice of a physical scan, your body is able to relax, ever so sweetly, into that curvaceous space of ease. As you travel within the space of your body, may you find new ways to see and to hold and to be present to what is. For where your attention goes your intention flows. Through this process may you know an ever greater sense of connection to self—self-compassion and self-love.

19-Minute Forest Meditation.

Within this Mindfulness Meditation video, there lies an invitation to step into a deeper space of holding. May you find new facets of yourself to discover, explore, and melt into as you travel through this forest meditation. In building resonance with the body-mind and breath, you are invited to drop ever so sweetly and deeply into a space of greater knowingness. May you be well.

19-Minute Sound Bath.


As you set your intention for practice, may the sounds and instrumentation illuminate the way forward. For wherever you travel, within the body or mind, or within the spaces that surround, may you be ever guided to a place of healing and love, and total surrender to what is and what is always possible.

A Physical Grounding Practice Within the yogic tradition, being able to travel through the koshas or layers that we must pierce in order to great our truest self, starting with a physical grounding practice is vital. Within this video, may you find medicine to create and further architect your own experience as you travel the depths of self to meet the truest expression of who are, and always have been. May you be well.

Latest Offering. Shifted is a four-part collection of writings, that were originally released over the equinoxes and solstices in 2020. The passages are meant to stir the spaces within, so that we may know healing more deeply and greater ease, in presence of what is. To order the book, please follow the link below.

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