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Fabio da Silva Fernandes

Reiki Grand Master & Teacher

My Story

My journey as a Reiki practitioner started with Suntone Centre in 2018.
I was drawn to Reiki through my work in mindfulness, and felt that it was a good fit in cultivating a life of balance in mind, body and spirit, coupled with helping others in facilitating and supporting their own healing journeys.
I would not have reached the Reiki Grandmaster level without the wisdom, guidance, teachings and encouragement of Sunstone Centre's Leigh Whiting and Greg Maxton (who co-led most of my Reiki courses).
Reiki is now a major part of my full-time wellness practice. I am privileged to be living my life's purpose and grateful for the transformation that Reiki has had on me and my clients.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Service Area & Contact

Toronto, Ontario

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