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Feng Shui Consultants


We gladly support our graduates! Find a Certified Sunstone Centre Feng Shui Consultant near you!

Cate McAliester

Feng Shui Master

Recognized as a Red Ribbon Professional with the International Feng Shui Guild.

My Story

Hello, my name is Cate and through my extensive education and training in Feng Shui and Reiki, let me show you how to bring clarity, flow and focus to your daily living. Feng Shui’s origins can be traced back some 6000 years, now it is practiced all over the world and is used to create a positive flow of energy in all aspects of life.

Being trained in many different methods, including Form and Compass school, Western, Flying Star and Black Hat, I will provide you with clear and concise information to create good energy in a modern exciting way. Primarily, I use the powerful Flying Star energy. After mapping your space using a compass, I am able to determine where each Flying Star moving energy is and which family member is affected.

Service Area & Contact

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