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Holy Fire Reiki

Day 3 - Integration

Begin by reminding yourself what you love about yourself (as shared on Day 1 of this training). Has anything shifted for you in the past two weeks, in your relationship with your most authentic Self? Perhaps, in the way you’re showing up in your world? Take the opportunity to review your journal or notebook, and to see the parts of your journey you have traveled to arrive here today.

Purnam Mantra As we step into wholeness, consider for a moment Insight Timer’s description of the meaning of this mantra: “What is visible is the infinite. What is invisible is also the infinite. Out of the Infinite Being the finite has come, yet being infinite, only infinite remains. Peace in my heart, peace with each other, peace in the cosmos.” Then, listen to it being chanted below.

Christ Consciousness Watch the following 30-minute video. Imagine you are sitting in virtual Satsang, with Mooji. Any questions that arise, may they be answered in his telling or in your relationship with conscious awareness (e.g., through any of the experiences or ignitions this week). As you continue to heal religious trauma or wounding, what feels especially resonant in Mooji’s discourse today?

You are invited to be in communion with Holy Fire, as you continue to get to know this dynamic energy and the ways you feel called to use it. When you are ready, play the audio below to guide you into this meditation.

Holy Love Experience As our closing practice in this training, use the Holy Love experience to invite all the energies to integrate, in a harmonious way. Once you feel established in your being, press play and then be in the experience of this meditation for 20-26 minutes (either with or without music). Consider setting a timer so you know when to emerge from the experience.

May all beings be free.

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