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Module 1: Introduction to Feng Shui

Class Description


Introduction & Principles of Feng Shui (14 Hours)

The first Module in the Feng Shui Certification Course offers students a history of Feng Shui and the key concepts. There will be several in class exercises, including the chance to create a personal Min Gua.

1.1 History & Origins of Feng Shui (90 minutes)





1.2 Types of Feng Shui Schools (90 minutes)


-Form School

-Compass School



1.3 Feng Shui Basics and Core Concepts (180 minutes)

-Energy Flow & Chi/Qi


-Cosmic Trinity

-Pa Kua/Bagua


-Lo Shu

-5 Elements

*Yin/Yang Quiz

*Room Elements Exercise

1.4 The I-Ching (120 minutes)


-Meaning of the Kia & Trigrams

-Divination Process (Yarrow Stalks & Coins)

*Divination Exercise

1.5 The Five Elements of Feng Shui (180 minutes)

-Shapes & Symbols


-Interactions & Cycles


*Element Quiz

*Personality Quiz

1.6 Chinese Animals (90 minutes)

-The Great Race-The Zodiac Order

-12 Chinese Animals Summary

-Animal Compatibility

-Peach Blossom

*Animal Quiz

1.7 Min Gua Personal Reports (90 minutes)

-Min Gua Calculation

-Gua Master

-Creating Feng Shui Reports

*Animal and Element Quiz

*Assignment - Create two full Client Reports

Class Date


Class Duration

14 Hours



Class Fees

$ 678

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