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21 Day Self- Healing Practice

This 21 Day Self-Healing practice is great for those who have just received a Reiki Level 1 Attunement. It is also very useful any time you feel called to come back to the foundational practice of self-healing. Within this disciplined 21 Day approach, may you find medicines that bring you into greater alignment with your most authentic self.

As a commitment to global wellness, I am offering this 21-Day Self Healing Practice to communities of Reiki Practitioners. I simply ask that you consider donating, using the link below, as an exchange of energy for the work that goes into the creation and evolution of this spiritual offering.

Recommended Donation: $21

Day 1

Journal Prompt: Make a list of 5 things that you love about yourself. Choose one off the list and take a walk through time and reminisce (in writing) about three times that you’ve showcased this part of yourself throughout your life (preferably at three different stages—infancy, adolescence, adulthood).
Today’s Task: Be aware of how your energy feels in at least two different spaces that you generally occupy. Pay attention to the subtleties in vibration as you continue to awaken to the energies around you + within you.

Day 2

Journal Prompt: If you were to capture (in writing) your greatest struggle right now, how would you describe how it manifests on each of the 3 planes of existence: physical, astral, and mental.
Today’s Task: During a mini, self-guided self-healing session, conduct a Byosen self-scan to try and identify where this struggle you journaled about currently resides. Then, send extra healing energy to this space.

Day 3

Journal Prompt: Describe your relationship with Source, God, or whatever name you give to this energy.
Today’s Task: Go back to the DivineYu training handout, and find the page that describes in detail what the first symbol means (the one described as “giving connection”). After reading, spend some time somewhere that you love and commune with this energy by activating it and being open in your heart to this connection.

Day 4

Journal Prompt: Perception is key. Listen to the poem above as we begin to examine how we relate to what is real and true. It can be said that the words we use to describe our realities and the images we assign all hold value in determining how we relate to others, to the world. What is one “movie” you keep playing in your mind (and in your life) that you just cannot find your way out of…yet? Describe as much (or as little of) it in your journal today.
Today’s Task: Turn observer. Begin to recognize when you get caught up in the replaying of the “movies” in your life (aka, the past, or, the “unreality”). Pay attention to where these films show up, or maybe where you feel provoked, in your body. Then, try doing a reiki “spot treatment” on the space(s) that call to you at least once today.

Day 5

Journal Prompt: Connecting with Reiki is about connecting with the flow of energy through the channels in your body. Now 5 days into your self-healing practice, describe (in writing) what it feels like to welcome, to direct, and even experience the flow of energy during your self-healings.
Today’s Task: Find a corner of this world to listen to the Shanti or Asato Ma Mantra—first the meaning or narration, and then the mantra itself. That’s all. Carve out some time in your day to melt into its rhythm as your Soul connects with these ancient Sankrit vibrations that propel sound into the cosmos; a conversation between your Soul and the infinite.

Day 6

Journal Prompt: Feel free to listen to the Asato Ma Mantra while recording your journal response today. Define the following four terms as you understand them today: real/ity, true, unreal/ity, untrue.
Today’s Task: Read pages 45-48 (Chapter 5: The Reiki Symbols) of your William Lee Rand Reiki Manual and begin to harness the precision of drawing each symbol (based on the handouts in your folder).

Day 7

Journal Prompt: When you think of your connection to the earth/Gaia (and her energies), what are your two best strategies to create a safe and stable environment around you every day? Is it possible to intentionally build grounding practices as a daily habit?
Today’s Task: Set an intention now for the next week to practice one grounding strategy each day. Conduct some quality research on strategies available and test them out this week. Seeing which one resonates the most with you will help you to carry forward what works through the rest of this 21-day self-healing and beyond.

Day 8

Journal Prompt: The first line in the Shanti or Asato Ma Mantra is: asato ma sadgamaya. This translates into, “I, the Soul, am going from the unreal to the real (the untrue to the true).” When you turn observer, looking at your life (and your mind) as a Soul, HOW can you shift your perception from the “unreality” of this world, to the “reality,” from the terms you described in your Day 6 entry? List two ways (or strategies) to shift your perception.
Today’s Task: Find a plant, an animal, a tree, or something living that is non-human to practice sending reiki too. Optional: Try closing your eyes, and see what your intuition may pick up about what the living thing you are sending reiki to might need, then see energy to that too.

Day 9

Journal Prompt: Melting down into the core of who you are, what is the Truest sentence you could write about yourself today.
Today’s Task: Pick up the phone and connect with one person you haven’t spoken to in awhile, someone who you feel knows and appreciates you. Share with them what stirs in your heart, for instance, little bits of this self-healing journey or path of Reiki that you are currently on. That’s all!

Day 10

Journal Prompt: Listen to the poem entitled, “I tried to paint the picture” from Day 4 (if you want a copy of the poem, let me know and I will e-mail it to you for you to read). Think of one situation you are currently struggling with: if you were able to stop painting your perception over top of the image, looking on with more compassion, what is the underlying Truth that is less visible, less apparent, less likely to be seen without the discerning eye of the Soul?
Today’s Task: Turn observer. Recognize when you are telling stories and being more dramatic or intense or disillusioned about what is happening today. Choose to anchor yourself in your breath in these moments, and use your connection of Reiki to connect with the Universe to pull Truth more into alignment in how you see the world and how you interact with others.

Day 11

Journal Prompt: Our breath is intrinsically linked to our vitality. Paying attention to the breath can tell us a lot about how we are currently feeling: relaxed, stressed, excited, exhausted. Describe at least two of your usual or typical breath states and how they impact your vitality.
Today’s Task: Holding space for yourself to breathe is key, and so is taking time to breathe life into the relationships around you. Find one person to connect with in person. Using your eyes, send Reiki to them (with permission from their higher self—ask this intuitively) and tell them at least one thing to spark a shift and elevate their being while beaming energy from your heart centre.

Day 12

Journal Prompt: The way we sense and feel energy varies from one person to the next. Describe two ways you sense or feel energy during your reiki sessions. 
Today’s Task: Practice pulling down a column of universal light energy, allowing it to fill your entire body, and then direct the energy to fill your heart until it’s big enough that you feel it encompassing your whole body (or field of energy). 

Day 13

Journal Prompt: First, watch the video of the Full Moon vibes from Costa Rica, with the nightly sounds, and the sound of Luna, the F Amara spirit drum. Then, describe your relationship with darkness.

Today’s Task: After sunset, take some time to look out into the darkness of night. If it’s a clear night, look up at the open sky, the stars, and the moon. Pay attention to where you feel stirrings and connection to what you observe and what you perceive.

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Day 14

Journal Prompt: Go back to Day 5 and listen to the Asato Ma mantra again. The second line is described as: “I am going from darkness to light.” Darkness is often referred to as ignorance, light, as knowledge. Are there areas where you feel like you have much more to learn and grow in life? Can you name + describe at least two?
Today’s Task: Find somewhere quiet (or not!) to sit with yourself. Practice pulling the universal light energy down into your whole being. Allow the energy to travel to the spaces inside you that need to be held and supported today. Consider adding a statement of gratitude at the end of your practice (no matter how long or short it may be).

Day 15

Journal Prompt: What is your relationship with being wrong? With practicing forgiveness? With failure? With not knowing things?
Today’s Task: Pick one area from today’s journaling activity. As you connect with reiki, call up an experience related to being wrong, or having failed, and, with your eyes closed, sense where it shows up in your body. Then, do a spot treatment on yourself, sending love and self-compassion to whatever arises, creating a beautiful spaciousness.

Day 16

Journal Prompt: Light is known in the field of reiki to be especially powerful at transmuting feelings and emotions. What is the emotion you thing you are best equipped to help another feel supported in dealing with? Describe one experience.
Today’s Task: Gratitude is an important practice. Much of who we are today is because we have learned, from others, to be our most authentic selves. As you go about your day, offer gratitude (in your mind our out loud) to situations that naturally arise in your interactions with others. Optional: pay attention to how your body feels when you express gratitude. Do you feel it somewhere specific?

Day 17

Journal Prompt: In order to know yourself deeply, you need to go deep. The choice is ultimately yours. No one can decide for you. It is to you to do the necessary work that comes with understanding the myriad layers of you, the many intricate facets that culminate in you. As the masterful observer that we are all working to become, cast a message of hope deep into your life, declaring what is it that you want to know better, to understand more deeply. Record it here, for you to return in moments where you need reminding.
Today’s Task: Observe your environment. Be skillfully silent. Take notice of others today. See, with loving, compassionate eyes, what stirs the people around you. Noticing things that are said or things that are experienced in the surrounding environment, how people are shifted and even triggered. It is not your job to fix, so resist the urge to intervene. Instead, practice deep listening and take notice, sending Reiki from your eyes or your heart silently (with permission from the recipients higher self), and only as you feel called. That’s all.

Day 18

Journal Prompt: The third line of the Asato Ma mantra speaks to our going from the impermanence of this world to the permanence, from death to immortality. What is your relationships with dying and death? Capture it here in writing.
Today’s Task: Do one thing today that takes you out of your comfort zone or off the beaten track. Something completely spontaneous and out of the ordinary, either by yourself or with one (or more) of the loves in your life. We often speak of living in the moment or in the now, yet so often we lead such predictable lives. For one fleeting moment, be completely unpredictable.

Day 19

Journal Prompt: I have never known a person who, truly, did not want to be happy. Quite often, we slip into spaces where we replay moments of regret or sadness+despair, experiences that challenged us in ways that we feel the need to revisit, in our minds, to understand more deeply. As counter measure (or antidote), think of one beautiful, all-consuming experience from your life (it could even be when you were little), that sparks joy and laughter and resides in the dominion of love. Take a trip down this energetic lane and capture the essence of it, in writing, in pictures, in song. As much or as little as you wish.
Today’s Task: Consider the experience you captured in your journal prompt today: where does it live in your body? Sit with yourself some time today and see where it resides, and sending it reiki, allow the vibration of this joyful experience to grow+surround as much (or little) of you as you are willing to create space for.

Day 20

Journal Prompt: Imagine you are sitting in a movie theatre, in the audience. On the main screen is a film of your life, a beautiful rendering of all the many layers and facets of who you are. What are 3 things that you observe about yourself, in this Dramedy that is life, that you really identify as core, foundational aspects of who you are? Write them down. Sometime in this journaling process, listen to the poem below entitled: There are many layers of you.
Today’s Task: Check in with yourself today and decide what one thing, one habit, one aspect of this 21 day self-healing practice that you would like to nurture and carry forward into your everyday. Discipline is key in prioritizing and caring for the self, so be intentional and be prepared to hold yourself (and each other) accountable. Accountability buddies can be your timer or alarm, a to do list, a friend and/or loved one. Decide today what this one thing will be that you will add to your everyday and set it in motion, a solemn commitment between you and the Universe.

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Day 21

Journal Prompt: On this final day of your 21 day self-healing journey, it is important to reflect back on this journey and to capture a sense of what has shifted for you. Saying you will do the work to know the self better and really spending time with the mind and the subtle energetic bodies is a whole different experience. Actionable self-compassion is key. So, final question, what have you learned about yourself over the last 3 weeks?
Today’s Task: Listen to the explanation of the Shiva Mantra and then find some time in your self-practice to melt into it’s energetic vibrancy. Truthfully, to know the self is to trust the self, that inner light or inner teacher, that inner compass that will continue to guide us home to ourselves. As you journey forward into the days, weeks, months, and years that follow, remember to nurture this relationship, for it is the most innocent and sacred connection you may come to know in this lifetime, if you let yourself experience it. Namaste, trusted friends.

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